Blues Filter Through

by MoZo

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(free) 03:59
(free) 03:59


the bulk of this album was recorded live at jack straw productions in seattle, wa on september 22nd and 23rd, 2008. it was a freeing way to make a record. mistakes are golden. in this case they were often blue.

my deepest thanks go to aimee zoe tubbs and bob rice, who helped produce these tunes from the very beginning...over long afternoons and evenings spent coaxing out nuances, trying new ideas, and familiarizing ourselves with kentucky libations, we laughed and played our way to this end. it was a special year, and i’m sure there are even brighter times ahead.

humblest thanks also to my friend joanna maria, who effortlessly brought a new kind of life to this are awesome. doug haire, thanks for making the entire recording process so easy and gratifying. and michele khazak, thank you for your lovely give these songs a unique beauty. chris zasche, tom parker, joy mills, and allen & alan inc., my sincerest thanks to you all for adding your own flavors to the mix and providing the record with the honky-tonkin’, foot-stompin’, drunkard yellin’ shimmer it needed.

i’d also like to make sure to thank melissa gale for the photo sessions, van diep for all the graphics help, alia polsgrove and sustainable group for packaging, levi fuller for screen-printing, and tina hoggatt for letter pressing. thanks also to my family for all their support, and my dad for agreeing to do the phoner. this wouldn’t have happened without all of you, so thank you!


released February 24, 2009

moe provencher ~ vocal, guitar, harmonica, slide
aimee zoe tubbs ~ drums, percussion, piano, glockenspiel, alto sax, vocals
bob rice ~ lead acoustic guitar, gitja, and all electric guitars
joanna maria hussain ~ bass
michele khazak ~ vocals
chris zasche ~ pedal steel
tom parker ~ vocals
joy mills ~ vocals
meg allen ~ trumpet
alan loomis ~ trumpet

recorded by doug haire at jack straw productions
additional recording by moe provencher at jsp and the bombay shelter



all rights reserved


MoZo Seattle, Washington

MoZo began as a street busking project, a 2-person empire of politically-minded bicyclists. Moe and Aimee Zoe.

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Track Name: I Got the Blues
war is over that’s what lennon said
but only if you want it and we keep killin’ folks instead
you get used to living how you do
cuz war has this funny way of always filling bigger shoes

joy would write a different tune, but right now i got the blues

here we sit softly burning gasoline
you find it in your food and in your fuel that’s full of beans
we all ride on this the great Machine
waking up to find out good intentions plague your dreams

some folks say the wars for civil rights are fought
but it’s still just men and women who can tie that precious knot
and i know so many men who keep on keep on lyin’
just taking off those heavy rings when it’s convenient

i remember how it felt to be confused
cuz i wrote the book on feelin’ fine then still took home the blues
and i was left knowin’ nothin’s ever fair
standing by the highway with my thumb up in the air
Track Name: Chop Chop Chop
chop chop chop on your choppin’ block
will you ever turn around and count the bodies pile up
my bet is no, I said my money is on no
cuz you wake up every day & you polish your blade
so you don’t gotta think about yesterday
and it gets so shiny
that you don’t gotta be who you oughta be

it’s like 1 2 3 then you’re out in a blink
and you got no time to think
and I watched the line steppin up to your block
but I never thought to watch my back for the drop

then along comes the ax in a silent little drop
and that’s it you’re cut right off
but if you take the time to nurse your wounds
well you wake up feelin fine
you wake up feelin fine you wake up feelin fine

oh my my what a pity i sigh every day when i think about death
cuz it’s so close by that no matter how i try,
i just can’t seem to forget it
and it is a shame that you play this way,
what a waste of time
cuz what matters now it won’t matter then
in the end when we all die
in the end when we all die
in the end when we all die
Track Name: Goodbye Goodbye
goodbye goodbye goodbye my dear
take your face and pack it up cuz i don’t want to see it
losin’ is hard enough without you there to be it
the sign that i’ve been wastin’ all my time

leaves change and then they fall
when they’re on their way out
it all starts out so colorful and then they all turn brown
sometimes it’s beautiful but mostly it’s just sad
and they wind up in the gutter, lookin’ bad
Track Name: Goin' Home
one more night and my days here are done
and i hope that we’re goin’ home

i have not seen my children in a time
and I hope that they’re goin’ home

all of my lovers and friends
well i hope that we’re goin’ home

take this pain that i have known
and i hope that i’m goin’ home
yeah i hope that i’m goin’ home
Track Name: Blues Filter Through
take good care of your own and make someone your home
just fold ‘em up and carry ‘em wherever you may go
but just don’t lose what it is that makes you tick and tick
cuz you look away a bit too long and you’re knee deep in some

it does no good to just sit there
waitin’ round for somebody to pull up their own chair
but who’s to say what’s right or wrong anyway
you’re just hanging on to anything that gets you through your day
i don’t know what i’d do without you
cuz we’re back to back and ready
in case some blues filter through

but even still sometimes they win again and again
til finally you give up and throw your towel in
and that’s sad to say but it’s true and there’s nothing i could do
to help you see it any other way
and so i don’t know what i’ll do without you
Track Name: On Tomorrow
one of these days i’ll wake up feelin lighter than i’ve been
and I’ll walk down my road feelin fine and feelin free
and i’ll sing some song that’s happier
than how they seem to be
these days when i don’t know just what i need

so baby, will you be with me
with just a red balloon to follow
take me on a trip across the sea
and we’ll wake up in the morning on tomorrow

at some point last summer, or I guess it was the summer before
i went droppin’ down like a badly skipped stone
in that big ol’ muddy river
in that place that you call home
and you turned your back and walked after the throw

oh, but didn’t you though
Track Name: Hello Kentucky!
hello kentucky! my new friend
i’ve got so many miles in me ‘for i go to sleep
but i won’t be walkin’ them drinkin’ irish whiskey

we gotta bring it home and drink more local
and do our part for all those folks
who’ll muck it up over and over again
well i don’t make much money but it’s how i vote
so from now on wherever i go in the u.s. of a.
it’s bourbon in my veins

i’d drink tullamore dew and bushmills too
and powers when i’m feelin’ poor
but they’re gone gone gone and i can’t drink them anymore
i can hear my ancestors cryin’ up on high
but while i go on by and buyin’
i’ll save that imbibin’
for some time when i’m in ireland ‘til then

i’ll sit myself down with manny chou
and we’ll have a beer and talk about
how we’re all goin’ to hell in a basket
but i’ll fill mine up with cascade hops and bottles full of that sour mash
and i’ll think of something else
but if it’s my last trip reserved then i really won’t have to conserve
so in that case throw in a case of jameson ‘til then
Track Name: Kicks & Spit
my great-grandfather was an orphan
he was raised on kicks and spit
from one farm to the next in canada
he worked up and down on the st. lawrence river
and went to gardner massachusetts and that’s where he met delina
it was likely he couldn’t read or write
and he worked his life in the chair factories there
delina was the pretty landlord’s daughter
and they raised their family right,
and they were right with god
so it goes

but time won’t crawl back on his knees to your door
he just rolls up his sleeves

theresa left home when she was 17
she was never seen by me
she finally settled down in arizona
in a desert that is dry as old bones that ache and moan
on a winter day she finally laid her burden down
when her crazy neighbor came around
and he was found
wandering the streets covered in blood mumbling
‘bout how he’d done something bad
and she’d been stabbed

my old man he’s fighting cancer now
and it wears you down and it’s lonely
and no one knows
what it’s like when your insides die
and your body turns on you
and your mind lets go
no one knows
still he goes on just like the st. lawrence river
and gardner massachusetts and dry dry deserts you know,
they just go and go
Track Name: 500 Years
i had my thanksgiving meal on reservation land in the fall of 2005
and this is what we’ve come to for 500 years
of taking everything you want then cast the rest aside

and the slot machines, they were ringing and dinging
and the lights were blindingly bright
and this is what we’ve come to for 500 years
some tax-free cigarettes and cheap booze and beer

i’d headed to new mexico to see my friends outside of santa fe
this is what i’ve come to for 26 years
i put my money down in that place for a pretty good buffet

i was raised in Massachusetts right by the sea
it’s where the wampanoag used to live
but most of all that’s left of them are signs you have to read
and none’ll mention this place’s other violent history

most of what you’ll read about is peaceful colonies
that indians shared food and everyone was friendly but
the reality is that 500 years
is 3 times as long as it’ll take to make whole cultures disappear

but i love where i live and i keep good company
and most of the time it seems like everybody’s free
it’s just the government that never really represents me

like back in the fall of 2004
i didn’t want to live in my country anymore
so i thought about canada my neighbors to the north
cuz they didn’t seem to hate as much and they never started wars

or i think i might like to settle down in the south of france
cuz everyone i know now they’re makin’ brand new plans
while the bible belt is loosening itself
to manage the weight of the united states
and for every new hole that gets punched in our soul,
it’s a thousand hours of toil to make it whole
Track Name: Never Was A Bank
well i guess that's the way things seem to go
things seem to go down a lonesome road
and they change and they change
they go by and by
they go by and by and i follow
with my head in my hands and nothing to say
nothing to say

cuz we sank and we sank
and there never was a bank so far away

you say you say there's money to make
there's money to make and it's worth some mistakes
but i rode and i rode with nothing to show
nothing to show but some sorrow
so i say i say that never again
never again will i love you like then

well the days the days they wither away
they wither away in my memory
and it's sad it's sad cuz that's all i'll ever have
all i'll ever have to remind me
of the time the time when the whole world was mine
the whole world was mine
Track Name: One Day When I Die
everyone’s staring so coldly
it’s hard to know where to begin
but i’ll go on here so boldly
and it might bring you in
you see one day i’ll be dyin
but i don’t know if i’ll know i’m dead
so what is it worth to be trying
to get all of this out of my head

there’ll be drinks on the left and drinks on the right
and everyone’s dancin’ tonight
and i’ll be on by with my pie in the sky
that’s where i’ll be one day when i die

everyone has an arrival
to some place at the end of the line
i won’t be clutching a bible
but i hope i’d think to bring some wine
everyone has an arrival
to some place where we all begin
and i won’t be needing my rifle
but i’ll need me a bottle of gin
Track Name: Class Act
You could hear the church bells ringing over the hills
and fine fine ribbons of light shimmered on the land
and they were so classy, the bride and her man
but they’d find the bar was set so damn high
that they wouldn’t get far

violence and sorrow put in 2 cents or three
and more things that most folks don’t ever see
they had to find out the hard way around
but it’s alright now, it’s alright

So many years pass like a hat on the drop
and what ifs and so whats, they litter the path
she was pretty and restless or he’d never have asked so they go along, the bride and her man,
just carrying on